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I wanted to do something fun for this year, so I thought I'd do some descriptions of episodes as I remember them (though I had to look some up, it's been a while since I've watched the show). So here you go, description of every Babylon 5 episode (plus The Gathering minus other movies) in exactly ten words (not counting numbers and abbreviations), without episode title. See if you can guess which episode it is. :D

All episodes are in a random order, the numbers are just to talk about them better, like, "I think number 39 is x/y episode", "I know all except number 5" etc.

1. A new Captain. An assassin. A lot of telepaths. Chaos.
2. Babylon 5 gets a political officer, Ivanova finds something interesting. Zog.
3. Lots of battles. Franklin finally meets himself. Doesn't like it.
4. Vir gets a wife and some treason charges. Angry Narns.
5. Garibaldi and Lise get assassinated. Lyta and G'Kar leave together.
6. Garibaldi drinks again. Everyone worships G'Kar and his holy book.
7. Talia's ex-husband is an asshole, wants to get her back.
8. Z'ha'dum goes boom for real. Doesn't mean no one escapes.
9. Back to the past. Three are the One. Zathras knows.
10. Bester comes back. Londo and G'Kar find an old friend.
11. The telephaths want their own planet. G'Kar plays Londo's bodyguard.
12. Garibaldi wants telepaths to work for him. Lyta helps reluctantly.
13. While under drug influence, G'Kar tries hard to kill Londo.
14. Londo fights to the death. Sheridan has lots of hallucinations.
15. All the Markab's get sick from a plague. Everyone dies.
16. The flying Dutchman reappears, confuses everyone. Zathras! Not the One!
17. Sheridan's wife is a Shadow puppet. Z'ha'dum goes boom.
18. Ivanova isn't amused when a telepath tests all their loyalty.
19. The telephaths take some hostages. Byron dies. Lyta takes over.
20. Soul hunter comes, Delenn freaks out, has a good reason.
21. Ivanova is the shoe that kicks Clark's butt. Or tries.
22. Mars is lots fun. Garibaldi is pissed off with Sheridan.
23. Telepaths have established an underground on Babylon 5, Talia tricks Bester.
24. Sheridan accidentally kills a Minbari. The poor bear gets spaced.
25. Religious zealots never change. Not even in space. Poor kid.
26. A tiny telepath awakes, discovers the truth about a body.
27. The eye. Important. Don't know why though. Never understood that.
28. A quack turns out to be right, kills a murderer.
29. Delenn's old friend becomes keeper of the machine. Also, boom.
30. Londo sleeps with traitor, traitor isn't traitor, that's it. Really.
31. Something dark traveled on board of an old explorer ship.
32. Twenty years later, everyone meets again. Ivanova becomes the One.
33. Sinclair has a hole in his mind. Gets kidnapped. Bad.
34. Now a new Alliance emerges with Sheridan as its leader.
35. Explorer class ship gets stranded, the rescuing pilot sees shadows.
36. Jack the Ripper interrogates Delenn. Narns are challenging G'Kar's leadership.
37. Delenn's friend gets attacked. Humans have hate groups here too!
38. Strikes also happen in space. Sinclair has a great solution!
39. Sheridan wants Bester bad. Talia hits him for using her.
40. We change perspective to the people on the side lines.
41. Psi Cops want to arrest the telepaths. Sheridan stops them.
42. This time Ivanova goes to Babylon 4 Garibaldi stays and sulks.
43. Lyta and Franklin come to Mars. Garibaldi involuntarily betrays Sheridan.
44. Sheridan's sister visits him. Delenn comes out of the cocoon.
45. Lyta grows closer to all the telepaths, especially to Byron.
46. Earthgov signs a non aggression treaty with the Centauri government.
47. Big telepath comes. Psi Cops juggle babies over fireplaces. Oops.
48. Get the hell out of our galaxy. Both of you.
49. Big evil war lord has everyone fighting. Gets killed. Tragic.
50. Ambassador Delenn goes into a cocoon. The president gets assassinated.
51. Martial law has been declared. Nightwatch tries to take over.
52. Another war on the horizon, between Centauri and the Alliance.
53. Delenn is the rangers new leader. Much masculinity is spilled.
54. Delenn and Sheridan destroy a Shadow ship in Earth space.
55. Lots of war. Lyta and Franklin investigate Centauri storage facilities.
56. Ranger training is quite creepy. Learning terror sounds pretty bad.
57. The Drakh appear. Sheridan wants to redecorate the war room.
58. The Vorlons destroy worlds. Londo wants to assassinate the emperor.
59. I repeat, nothing whatsoever happened today in Sector 83 by 9 by 12.
60. Million years in the future. Everyone still white and male.
61. Kosh gets assassinated. Sinclair gets framed. It was a Minbari!
62. New Captain, new luck. Minbari are not happy. Ivanova is.
63. Centauri Prime falls. Lennier finally tells Delenn he loves her.
64. Mayhem, torture, Kosh 2 doesn't like people, but Sheridan is back.
65. We play Knights of the Round Table. Marcus loves it.
66. This time the ISN reporters are decisively not on Babylon 5's side.
67. If you are falling off a cliff, try to fly.
68. The Narn homeworld is attacked and taken over by Centauri.
69. And Bester again, this time with some Psi Corps trainees.
70. Narns attack Londo's nephew on a remote station. Not good.
71. Ancient war machine reactivates. Commander Sinclair stops it with reasoning.
72. Sheridan is tortured in real time. All very very chilling.
73. Religious guys arrive with news from home. Refa finally dies.
74. Weird alien race latches on to humans and changes them.
75. Delenn refuses to leave Babylon 5 and leaves the Grey Council.
76. Sheridan befriends a monk who was a serial killer before.
77. A group of technomages visit Babylon 5. Ivanova becomes green leader.
78. Ivanova, Delenn and Lyta look for Sheridan. Don't find him.
79. Messages from Epsilon 3 are confusing, the Babylon 5 mantra is important.
80. G'Kar is wanted by all, Lyta unwanted. Delenn is pregnant.
81. Delenn wants to hold a ceremony but gets kidnapped instead.
82. Walking to meet himself, Franklin meets a love interest instead.
83. Earth is liberated. Marcus dies so that Ivanova can live.
84. Now we strike back, trying to liberate the other colonies.
85. Everyone has conversations with dead people. Less creepy than Buffy.
86. The presidential physician, knowing an important secret, comes to Babylon 5.
87. We finally see a Shadow ship. Marcus arrives on Babylon 5.
88. Sheridan is stuck between tick and tock. Or something. Yeah.
89. Garibaldi goes to Mars. Everybody else is preparing for battle.
90. Everyone is part of an ISN news feature. The good one.
91. Bester can't ever be trusted but this once actually helps.
92. Lots and lots of soldiers make station on Babylon 5. Fun.
93. You are a child of Valen. Delenn learns the truth.
94. Lyta comes back and bears bad news, especially for Susan.
95. Attach├ęs arrive. A big ritual. Who wants to kill G'Kar?
96. Lise comes for Garibaldi. The Centauri are attacking shipping lanes.
97. Garibaldi's friend boxes himself to the top. Ivanova sits Shiva.
98. The shit hits the fan. Badass Delenn saves the day.
99. Garibaldi is blamed for an explosion as the president visits.
100. Sheridan pressures Kosh into helping. He does. Then he dies.
101. Psi Corps intrigues and betrayals come from Mars to Babylon 5.
102. Ivanova has to play guide for the most arrogant ambassador.
103. G'Kar wants to kill Centauri emperor, who collapses before that.
104. Everyone leaves. Lennier leaves Sheridan to die and then runs.
105. A terrifying beast pretends to be Kosh. A seeker arrives.
106. Londo nearly dies and has a lot of weird hallucinations.
107. A lonely bomber wants Sheridan dead badly. Brother Theo arrives.
108. Lennier does ranger training. Delenn gives him a secret mission.
109. Delenn nearly burns. Clark kills thousands. Ivanova is understandably shaken.
110. Zathras warn Zathras but Zathras never listen to Zathras. Sad.
111. An alien probe wants a lot of information. Then explodes.

Date: 2017-02-06 01:38 am (UTC)
ghanimasun: (b5 - ivanova)
From: [personal profile] ghanimasun
Alot of these sound really familiar but its been so long since I've watched the show too that I can't remember the names of most episodes!

Date: 2017-02-07 02:22 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] alexcat.livejournal.com
I am going to do this when I get enough time to work on it!!!



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