Feb. 23rd, 2017

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Title: The Little Guest
Author: Jacquelee
Type: Gen
Rating: G
Word count: 841
Summary: Settling in on Minbar, Susan gets an unexpected visitor.
Also here on AO3

Susan was settling into life on Minbar quite well. Most of her time was spend in training with the rangers or in meetings with Delenn and other officials. When she had a few moments for herself, she loved just sitting in her quarters by the open window, relaxing, looking out into the still breathtaking view of the crystal city.

One afternoon, when she had just made some coffee, from beans she grew herself in the garden, and had put some cake on her little table by the window, she realized that she had forgotten the milk, or rather the just so acceptable alternative the Minbari provided, and went back to the kitchen to get it.

Taking the milk, she thought she'd heard the faintest sound from the living room, but coming back there, she saw nothing. She looked out of the window to be sure, but there was no trace of anyone or anything.

Except that, when she turned back to her chair, shrugging the odd occurrence off, half of her cake was gone and some of the coffee was clearly spilled.

Frowning, she looked out of the window again, this time thoroughly checking the surrounding areas. But again she saw nothing.

Still wondering, she sat down to drink her coffee and eat what was left of the cake.

continuation under here )


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