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And to wrap up my contribution for this years B5 Love Month, I bring you 16 Crusade icons! Hope you enjoy! :) All png files.

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Alrighty, here come the rest of the Crusade screencaps I promised! :D
Size 720x576, png files. Each ep in it's own zip file. Uploaded to MegaUpload.

Also, for the sake of convenience I have gathered the links to the Crusade screencaps I've previously posted to this same entry, I hope this is okay. The new screencaps are bolded.


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This year I bring you more screencaps from Crusade. :) Size 720x576, all png files. Each ep in it's own zip file. Uploaded to MegaUpload.


1x01 - War Zone ~263Mb
1x02 - The Long Road ~256Mb
1x05 - Patterns of the Soul ~314Mb

Episode screencaps from eps 3&4 were posted last year, you can find them HERE.

Ask for help if there are any problems with the files! And do point out any errors I might've made, I'm kinda tired at the moment. :)
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And as my final post for today, I bring you screencaps! :)

The Babylon 5 screencaps are from 1st season episodes, The Parliament of Dreams, And The Sky Full of Stars, A Voice in the Wilderness part I, A Voice in the Wilderness part II and Chrysalis. The image files are .png, image size 920x690 and each episodes screencaps are in their own zip file.

The Crusade screencaps are from The Well of Forever, The Path of Sorrows, Racing the Night and The Memory of War. The image files are .jpg, image size 720x576 and each episodes screencaps are in their own zip file.

I've uploaded the zip files to Filefront.
Filesize and the download addies behind the cut. :)
Please comment if you take, thanks! :)

EDIT 2009/09/02: Crusade screencaps reupped to MegaUpload.


A B5 cap
A Crusade cap

[Oh!! And these zip files definetly contain spoilers if you haven't seen the eps! ;)]
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Hellooo! :) Am posting a bit early, I hope that's okay.

I come with icons (24 of them), they're both from Crusade as well as B5.
The files are either .png or .jpg. Will be posting some screencaps later on. :)

24 icons )
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Here's my final contribution for the day. :) Hope you've all enjoyed! :)

(I might be persuaded to write more, if someone gets excited about the story and let's me know about it. ;))

Title: Untitled
Author: [livejournal.com profile] deiann
Pairing: Delenn/Sinclair
Rating: G
Word count: around 400
Spoilers: None really.
Summary: Jeffrey gathers up his courage to do something he’s been wanting to do for a while now.
Disclaimer: JMS owns ‘em, I’m just takin’ ‘em for a spin.
Notes: Betaed for grammar errors by the lovely Ms. [livejournal.com profile] adelate. All other mistakes name/character/whatnotwise, totally mine. :) Feel free to point 'em out so I can make corrections. :) I'm sure there are plenty, 'cos I feel like I really need to rewatch the series.. ;)

This way to the fic. :) )
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I'm sorry there couldn't be more, but the quality of my B5 pics is rather crappy and I didn't have anything to cap from, so.. :) But hope you like these anyhows. :) No huge spoilers here, methinks. :)

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It's already the 30th here, so here's my first post. ;) This is a poem which I wrote years ago, but I haven't posted in LJ yet, so I thought I might share it with you all now. :)

WARNING! Contains spoilers for 4x20 Endgame!

Unrequited Love )


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