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I was going to write a story for today that I've been having in my head for a long time, but then both my tummy and my inspiration decided otherwise (meaning I'm having a really bad tummy and the few minutes I did spend writing I wrote a different fic pffffft :P), so I wondered if I could make graphics for my favourite quotes or just list them but looking for them already proved too straining, so I thought I just won't do anything but then I randomly remembered that back at the height of my B5 obsession (nearly ten years ago :O) I made quizzes and I can share them here!

I only made three, all episode quizzes from the fourth season. The site itself has a lot of quizzes for B5 and I spent quite a lot of time there at some point, trying to solve them all! :D Also, yes, I know my username there is spelled completely wrong, I have no idea how that happened, but it looks so weird now. Bonus points for anyone who knows where from B5 that name originated - I took it at that time and it just stayed. :P

The Hour of the Wolf
Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi
The Summoning
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One of my favourite Babylon 5 characters is and always has been Jane the ISN reporter. So I'm dedicating this day to her. I would have loved to make some more things, but the fic took quite a bit of time, so I'll just keep it at one banner, two icons (made for game of cards) and one fic.

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I'll post this now because I will go to bed right now (timezones are fun), but if someone else wants to claim today still, it's okay to have two posts a day, right?

A collection of my Babylon 5 graphics, made for various landcomms (see further description and prompts in the tumblr posts). I was contemplating putting them into two posts, but there aren't that many overall – I need to do some more methinks. Good that I signed up for two more days. :D

All of these are tumblr graphics and most are of Delenn and / or Ivanova. This first one I actually made today for the prompt quote + picspam:

Tumblr link

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