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Title: Minbari Vampire Love Songs
Author: nenya_kanadka
Characters/Pairing: John Sheridan/Marcus Cole, background Susan Ivanova/Delenn
Rating/Type: G, M/M
Wordcount: 2800 words
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In the universe where Delenn and Susan Ivanova were married for political reasons just after the Earth-Minbari War, when Marcus Cole shows up on B5 with his flamboyant romantic soul, he latches on to...John Sheridan.

Thanks to [ profile] muccamukk for the story idea and [ profile] hearts_blood for the title.

If you haven't read muccamukk's excellent Susan/Delenn arranged marriage story, all you need to know here is that by Season 3 they've been married for over a dozen years—happily so for the last few—and Delenn is still full Minbari.

Set generally during Voices of Authority and Messages From Earth.

"I've been thinking." Marcus Cole's voice piped up from behind Susan's command chair a whole three minutes after she had started to believe he might actually shut up till the First Ones answered them.

Ten years with Delenn had taught her how horribly rude Minbari found sighing and rolling one's eyes, and the White Star was a Minbari ship, so Susan merely weighted her voice with longsuffering asperity. "Yes?"

"It must be very lonely at the top."

Susan's eyebrows crawled up her forehead. "You think the First Ones are lonely?"

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Title: Where The Stars Are Strange
Author: [ profile] nenya_kanadka
Pairing: Jeffrey Sinclair/Catherine Sakai, Valen/Catherine Sakai
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2348
Summary: At the other end of the universe, Catherine makes her way.

Spoilers for War Without End and for the novel To Dream In The City Of Sorrows. Many thanks to [ profile] alexcat for the beta! All remaining errors are my own.

( The flash of black fire from the Shadow vessel masks the stomach-dropping lurch as the rip in spacetime grabs her. )

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I have made fanart!


Shaal Mayan, recast as Jennifer Ehle (Pride & Prejudice, The King's Speech).

Sexy Minbari are sexy. ♥
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[ profile] ruuger said I might as well jump in today, as no one's claimed it. So here's something that I hope will make people smile.

The first chapter of a Susan/Delenn fic I'm working on:

A Place To Stand: Duck Dodgers And The 23rd & A Half Century

Post-Sleeping In Light, pre-femslash, G. Later chapters will be Susan/Delenn/Lennier, set in a John/Delenn/Lennier AU, but you don't have to know or care about any of that to get this part of the story. Cuddling and Daffy Duck!

ETA: Mods, I think I need a contributor tag. First time here! \o/


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