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I've been on a felt plushie-making spree lately, and I couldn't not make one of these.

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Um, so. A little-known fact: all of my iPods are named for Centauri ("all" may be a little misleading, I only have two, a shuffle and an older nano). I've toyed with the idea of making a case for my nano for a while, but never really came up with a design I really liked. Most people have cases to prevent their ipods from getting scratched, but my main concern is actually reducing the chance of it getting turned on by things knocking around in my bag and running down the battery. I'm not sure how well this will actually serve, but we'll see. Also I'm a terrible photographer, so if these pictures look a little blurry and weird, that's why. Sorry.

To the pictures!
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Two years ago I crocheted a pair of B5 pot holders. When I signed up this year, I was set out to do another fannish craft project and I had one specific project in mind. Well, turns out I made something completely different. The funny thing is that it's something that was actually mentioned in the comments, though I didn't realize that until I started writing this update. ;D

This is just a prototype. As in, the badge is just a rough version of what I want. I'm planning on making a whole set consisting of a hat, a cowl and a pair of mittens. Or should I make gloves instead, because, you know? Anyway, there'll be more than just this one piece, but I ran out of time. Also, it's still very warm and summery here, so winter clothing isn't the most fun stuff to knit at the moment.

Without further babbling, I bring you a knitted Psi Corps hat. No, I'm not going to model it myself. This isn't quite the teddy bear but it's a teddy bear. ;) In any case, he's much better at modeling than me.

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Sorry this took me so long to put up today, but it took longer than I expected to finish. I was going to write some fic/drabble, but I wasn't confident in my character voices -having not watched the show in several months- so I went a different route. I've been getting into calligraphy and using quotes from lyrics or tv shows, and I really thought this would turn out nice. I plan to get it matted and framed, to hang on the door to my apartment.

Click the image to see it larger.

This was hand written and inked by me with a fountain pen, not a calligraphy pen, in approximately 9 hours. Feel free to save it to your computer or print it out or whatever you so choose, I just ask you do not claim to have created it yourself.

I had a second one of these with a nice border that I was hoping to have finished for today, but I will have to try and post it during the free for all, as it is far from completion. (My apologies, Amicitia.)

The quote, in case you don't remember it, is of G'Kar, in episode 520 - "Objects in Motion."

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Okay, so it's my day, and I'm posting a bit later than I wanted, but... that's okay. I've got something that, while it might not be something for everyone, it's a first for me, and it was fun. Anyway.

I love knitting. I began knitting because of fandom (Hogwarts scarves FTW!), but one of my most beloved fandoms — this one — doesn't lend itself to a lot of straightforward knitting patterns. There are no iconic scarves or hats or jumpers or wacky socks. To knit something B5-related, I'd have to think outside the box a bit. But only a bit. For now....

So, I hereby present...

EarthForce Socks

"'I'm gonna live forever. You know why? 'Cause I never leave the barracks unless I know I've got something to do when I get back. The only kind of man who gets killed is the man who is done doin' whatever it is he's doin'. And I know I'm gonna come back alive 'cause I got socks to wash.'

"We all took a vow that, for as long as we were in uniform, we would wash our own socks every morning."

Season 5, Episode 1: "No Compromises"

It seemed obvious that the first B5 knitted thing I should make should be knitted socks, because those can be made to be hand wash only. And because, well, it’s about the only knitted thing I could possibly make!

So, I thought about what an EarthForce sock might look like, pattern-wise, and went from there. The final design is, I think, a subtle and rather believable design, if a military organization decided to have something other than plain, generic socks.

I got socks to wash )

Much thanks to my dad (right foot) for modeling with me (left foot).

ETA 2011-12-13: I just realized that I missed the heel instructions, so they're there now.
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Item 4436, Untitled and Uncredited Needlework Sampler, approx. 400-450 years old. Needlecraft has been a much-neglected form of Centauri folk-art, possibly because it fell out of fashion after the first few centuries of the Republic and modern examples are scarce to nonexistent. Too, needlework seems to have been exclusively the domain of females, and as such held little status among Centauri art pieces. Nevertheless, many examples do exist from personal collections, such as this, donated to this museum by the House of Cotto. This particular example is interesting for its portrayal of the legendary meeting of the first Centauri Emperor with the so-called "Technomage." While the story frequently describes three Technomages, this sampler depicts only one, possibly for reasons of aesthetic design. The meaning of the glyph is unclear. The limited use of thread-of-gold in the border informs us that the stitcher was of a second- or third-tier House; examples from more prominent families would include much heavier use of gold and possibly other precious metals as well.

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Hi. :) Today would be my posting day, but alas, this post is going to be more of a placeholder than a proper post, because I'm made of fail. I have a B5-themed potholder next to me. In a few days, when I manage to take an actual picture of it and create a chart for others to use, I'll add them here. Right now I don't have access to a camera or a good picture editor to do the chart. Instead, you'll get a few random facts in written form.

A crocheted potholder with a simple B5-style '5' on it.
Hook: 3,5mm / US 4 / UK 9
Yarn: Two different colours of scrap yarn. Suggested knitting tension for this yarn is 18 stitches/26 rows = 10cm/4", but as this is crocheted it doesn't pay that big a role. Any yarn and an appropriate hook works.
Size: Mine ended up 20cm x 20cm (8" x 8") but, depending on your preferences, you can make them bigger by adding stitches or widening the border.

ETA: Pics finally added!

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