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Title/Song: Just A Kiss
Artist: Lady Antebellum
Details: 3:44 long, wmv file,32.2 MB
Made By: jedi_of_urth
Fandom, Characters/Ship: Babylon 5, John/Delenn
Spoilers: Some spoilers covering pretty much the whole show, though mostly seasons 2-4 with a little 5 and just John and Delenn being cute.
Description/Notes: Made for [livejournal.com profile] babylon5_love, and so we celebrate the great love story of B5. It may have been slow going, but they had their reasons, and it was always bringing them closer together.
Located at: MediaFire

I hope this turned out, after dusting this off after being half done with it for ages now I’m super sick of listening to this song for a while. But I did finally finish the vid because if there was ever a ship this song was meant for I feel like it’s these two, with a courtship based on long looks, hand holding, cuddling, and sometimes kissing (with the occasional odd Minbari sexy ritual throw in). Happy B5 love month everyone.

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Title/Song: God Gave Me You
Artist: Blake Shelton
Details: 3:58 long, wmv file, 28.4 MB
Made By: jedi_of_urth
Fandom, Characters/Ship: Babylon 5, John/Delenn
Spoilers: Spoilers for pretty much the whole show, clips from seasons 2-5 (though no Sleeping in Light here).
Description/Notes: Made for [livejournal.com profile] babylon5_love, and what better to show love for about the show than one of my first serious ships? John and Delenn, standing beside each other through whatever may come.
Located at: MediaFire
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Since today went unclaimed, here's something I made a while back, which some of you may have already seen.  A trailer for Season Three - enjoy!

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Hi there! Filling the very first day on my very fist B5 Love Month, and that with the very first vid I ever made... can you believe I'm a teensy bit nervous? *bounces*

So, about the vid: despite me being mainly a Centauri-and-Narn (and to a somewhat lesser degree, Minbari) lover, I managed to make it an ensemble piece after all! That's to say, two-thirds is ensemble, the middle third is - well, it should be quite clear who my favorite is. *g* Don't be deceived by the title: it 's ironic more than anything else, as the vid is pretty angsty - though the final part should bring some comfort, at least. Since I'm new to this whole vidding thing, feel free to point out any stuff I might have handled better - I'm all up for learning!

There's an embedded Youtube vid at the bottom of this post, while the direct Youtube link is here. You can also download the vid in MPG (huge file, 200 MB) and AVI-DIVX (a slightly more normal 50 MB). I noticed the Youtube clip tends to be sluggish the first time it's played... If that happens, just let it play once all the way through without peeking (!); the second time (once it's in the cache, I assume?) it should be much better!

So, here you go. Please, enjoy!

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Aug. 30th, 2007 11:37 pm
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The new vid is not yet ready; however, I have recently re-editied What About Everything? which I have been saving for this month.

The link is here.
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Heh, just barely on time. ^^; I have more to post as well, which will be a little bit late...but since Alice posted on my day, I don't think I'll feel too bad if I end up posting on hers. ^_~

Behind the cut you'll find links to download two B5 fanvids. I actually made the first versions of these as part of a set of four back in December over the Christmas break, but nobody ever got to see them but me. (Rightly so...they were complete crap.) Although I call these 'remasters', it's not strictly true---these are remakes, entirely from scratch, and hopefully much better. I hope you enjoy them.

A note on quality: The B5 DVDs are...well, a total pain in the ass. They're noisy (in the sense of film noise and artefacts), the occasional random hybrid encode pops up (damn you, Ceremonies of Light and Dark!), and of course, the poor transfer of the CGI over to the DVDs has been well documented elsewhere. Anyway, I've tried to clean up the footage as best I can, but I'm just a noob, so I'm sure there are still plenty of noticeable issues. My apologies. BTW, if anyone else is into this kind of thing and has a wicked Avisynth script suggestion to better clean up these DVDs or anything like that, please do let me know. Any suggestions are welcome.

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Let me know if you have any problems downloading or playing them. If you have problems because you have a slow connection or anything like that, I can (reluctantly ;P) encode smaller, lower quality versions upon request.

EDIT 2:05 PM: New YSI links. ^_^
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This vid has kicked my ass for a month, but it is totally, in all ways, completely worth it. And I made it for y'all, because if this fandom did not exist I would not have the motivation to do awesome things like this. <3

Signal to Noise
music by Peter Gabriel
vid by [livejournal.com profile] jenavira, from an idea by [livejournal.com profile] m_butterfly
XVid, 68MB
sendspace | mediafire | streaming from Imeem --

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vid notes, for those interested in the process )
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Almost thought I wasn't going to have time, but I made a video, as promised.


I hope it's appropriately "love month" themed ;)
Apologies for two shaky clips. I captured them both three times and they wouldn't clean up.

Hope that's all ok!


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