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I decided the last day was a free-for-all without ever actually checking the calendar, so made up a wee l'il graphics post.  Thanks to everyone who put up cool stuff this year!  I'm still going back and checking out the entries this year.  It's so great to be a part of a fandom this persistent.

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One of my favourite Babylon 5 characters is and always has been Jane the ISN reporter. So I'm dedicating this day to her. I would have loved to make some more things, but the fic took quite a bit of time, so I'll just keep it at one banner, two icons (made for game of cards) and one fic.

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I'll post this now because I will go to bed right now (timezones are fun), but if someone else wants to claim today still, it's okay to have two posts a day, right?

A collection of my Babylon 5 graphics, made for various landcomms (see further description and prompts in the tumblr posts). I was contemplating putting them into two posts, but there aren't that many overall – I need to do some more methinks. Good that I signed up for two more days. :D

All of these are tumblr graphics and most are of Delenn and / or Ivanova. This first one I actually made today for the prompt quote + picspam:

Tumblr link

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I did this as a picspam a couple of years ago (so a few of you might have seen this in a different form), but I've converted it into a desktop.  Click for full-size!

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Title: A Brother's Lament

Post Type:Drabble Pic Creator/Author: Third Charm

Rating: T for language

Note: This is a little bit of art that I created to go along with my drabble: "A Brother's Lament:

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Title: Lesson 1: Situational Blindness
Post Type: Comedic Art

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 A gifted singer with a prominent career on Earth, Cailyn James one day decided to venture away from the planet.She arrived on Babylon 5 in 2257, and shortly thereafter she was diagnosed by Doctor Benjamin Kyle  with terminal neural paralysis Though it was assumed she left the station shortly afterward, she in fact moved to Brown Sector and began performing in some of the station's low rent bars and clubs.

She took regular doses of medication to deal with the pain. However, as singing in Downbelow did not pay well, by 2260 she was unable to afford it anymore.

Near the end of that year, she met Dr. Stephen Franklin, Babylon 5's Chief Medical Officer, who at the time had taken a leave of absence from his post. Cailyn apparently took a liking to "Steve" and the two spent the night together. She attempted to get him to acquire some metazine for her without telling him about her condition, prompting the ever stalwart doctor to refuse.
While he was asleep, she stole his
Identicard to acquire it herself from a dispensary, but passed out from the pain she was in before she could use it. Franklin found her unconscious and rushed her to Medlab where he learned of her condition. She explained to him that she stayed on the
station because she wanted to pass along a little hope during what time she had left.

She passed away sometime in March of 2261 at the age of 36. Dr. Franklin issued the death certificate. 

Alas, were there any happy B5 endings?

Source: http://babylon5.wikia.com/wiki/File:Cailyn_James.jpg

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Wallies I offer, and I think I've gotten a wee bit better that my previous wallpaper offerings.

More later, but this installment can be found at my graphics journal, [livejournal.com profile] phinger_paint !

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Warning: if making fun of B5 in any way is not your cup of tea, then this is probably not the meta for you.  ;)

Screencap Review of The Gathering - Part I
Screencap Review of The Gathering - Part II
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Oh, I'm also going through and capping Babylon 5. Season 1 is almost finished here, but you'll be able to see them all using my Screencaps: Babylon 5 tag, or over at cap-that.com/b5
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Babylon 5 is full of lovely, funny, and witty quotes, so I bring you demotivational posters based on B5 quotes!

BOOM. Boom boom boom. Boom boom. Boom! Have a nice day!

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With thanks to [livejournal.com profile] icepixie for the idea - I've been working on this ever since we talked about the Art Nouveau influences of the visual style on B5.


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Most of the time when we analyze an episode of television, we keep ourselves confined to the text - what was actually said, actually done.  But there is a wealth of information just below the surface, or hiding between the lines.  Subtext.  It can be one of the more difficult things to write, especially when it comes to film; you don't have the luxury of just writing what the characters are thinking that might be contrary to what they're saying.  A lot of it comes down to the actors and director interpreting the text, making it richer.

I have chosen a particularly meaty scene to try and explore what the subtext might have been.  This is only one possible look, of course; that's one of the great things about subtext.  Because it's implicit and not explicit, it lends itself to different interpretations, no single one objectively correct (especially if you're like me and don't mind ignoring authorial intent).  One of the things I like in this scene is that besides the subtext hiding behind the main focus of the scene, there is also a character without any lines at all who conveys a remarkable amount of information in a single shot.

You've already heard what they said. Now listen to what they're really saying.
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And to wrap up my contribution for this years B5 Love Month, I bring you 16 Crusade icons! Hope you enjoy! :) All png files.

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