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I was going to write a story for today that I've been having in my head for a long time, but then both my tummy and my inspiration decided otherwise (meaning I'm having a really bad tummy and the few minutes I did spend writing I wrote a different fic pffffft :P), so I wondered if I could make graphics for my favourite quotes or just list them but looking for them already proved too straining, so I thought I just won't do anything but then I randomly remembered that back at the height of my B5 obsession (nearly ten years ago :O) I made quizzes and I can share them here!

I only made three, all episode quizzes from the fourth season. The site itself has a lot of quizzes for B5 and I spent quite a lot of time there at some point, trying to solve them all! :D Also, yes, I know my username there is spelled completely wrong, I have no idea how that happened, but it looks so weird now. Bonus points for anyone who knows where from B5 that name originated - I took it at that time and it just stayed. :P

The Hour of the Wolf
Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi
The Summoning
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I will be filling any days not taken and they will probably be backdated as well.


10 Favorite Babylon 5 Quotes

*Marcus Cole: I used to think it was awful that life was so unfair. Then I thought, 'wouldn't it be much worse if life *were* fair, and all the terrible things that happen to us come because we actually deserve them?' So now I take great comfort in the general hostility and unfairness of the universe. ~~ "A Late Delivery from Avalon":


Delenn: If I don't see you again here, I will see you in a little while in a place where no shadows fall. ~~ "Confessions and Lamentations"


Sheridan: What does the candle represent?
Delenn: Life.
Sheridan: Whose Life?
Delenn: All Life. Every Life. We are all born as molecules in the hearts of a billion stars. Molecules that do not understand politics or policies or differences. Over a billion years, we foolish molecules forget who we are and where we came from. In desperate acts of ego, we give ourselves names, fight over lines on maps, and pretend that our light is better than everyone else's. The flame reminds us of the piece of those stars that lives on inside us. The spark that tells us: "You should know better." The flame also reminds us that life is precious as each flame is unique. When it goes out, it's gone forever. And there will never be another quite like it. So many candles will got out tonight. I wonder some days if we can see anything at all. ~~ "All My Dream Torn Asunder"


Sheridan: Ambassador, I've learned the hard way that governments deal in matters of convenience, not conscience. If they fall behind, it is up to the rest of us to make up the difference. If we don't, who will? ~~ "Acts of Sacrifice"


Ivanova: All love is unrequited, Stephen. All of it. ~~ "Rising Star"


Londo Mollari: I suppose there'll be a war now, hmm? All that running around and shooting at one another. You would have thought sooner or later it'd go out of fashion. ~~ "The Gathering"


Londo Mollari to Mr. Morden: Do you really want to know what I want? Do you really want to know the truth? I want my people to reclaim their rightful place in the galaxy. I want to see the Centauri stretch forth their hand again and command the stars. I want a rebirth of glory, a renaissance of power! I want to stop running through my life like a man late for an appointment, afraid to look back or look forward. I want us to be what we used to be! I want... I want it all back the way it was. Does that answer your question? ~~ "Signs and Portents"


G’kar: If I take a lamp and shine it toward the wall, a bright spot will appear on the wall. The lamp is our search for truth, for understanding. Too often we assume that the light on the wall is God. But the light is not the goal of the search; it is the result of the search. The more intense the search, the brighter the light on the wall. The brighter the light on the wall, the greater the sense of revelation upon seeing it! Similarly, someone who does not search, who does not bring a lantern with him, sees nothing. What we perceive as God, is the byproduct of our search for God. It may simply be an appreciation of the light, pure and unblemished, not understanding that it comes from us. Sometimes we stand in front of the light and assume that we are the center of the universe. God looks astonishingly like we do! Or we turn to look at our shadow, and assume that all is darkness. If we allow ourselves to get in the way, we defeat the purpose; which is to use the light of our search to illuminate the wall in all its beauty - and in all its flaws. And in so doing better understand the world around us. ~~ "Meditations on the Abyss"


Anla’Shok Credo: "I am a Ranger."
"We walk in the dark places no others will enter."
"We stand on the bridge, and no one may pass."
"We live for the One, we die for the One"


Sinclair: We have to stay here. And there's a simple reason why. Ask ten different scientists about the environment, population control, genetics, and you'll get ten different answers, but there's one thing every scientist on the planet agrees on. Whether it happens in a hundred years or a thousand years or a million years, eventually our Sun will grow cold and go out. When that happens, it won't just take us. It'll take Marilyn Monroe, and Lao-Tzu, and Einstein, and Morobuto, and Buddy Holly, and Aristophanes, and - all of this - all of this - was for nothing. Unless we go to the stars. ~~ "Infection"
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Today's love is a list of various resources for information, places to buy the show, fiction and more. It is by NO means complete, so if you have other things to add, please do so in the comments.

The Lurker’s Guide to Babylon 5.
The Babylon Project(Wikia)
ISN News(Zocalo Today)

Actor sites:
Claudia Christian: http://claudiachristian.net/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ClaudiaLives?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ClaudiaChristianFanPage/

Bruce Boxleitner:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/boxleitnerbruce?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BoxleitnerBruce/

Jerry Dolyle:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jerrydoyle?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheJerryDoyleShow

Mira Furlan:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/furlanmira
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mira-Furlan-353466194674289/

Peter Jurasik:

Pat Tallman:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/patriciatallman?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PatriciaTallmanPage

Bill Mumy:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bill.mumy

Stephen Furst:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001570545480&fref=ts

Jason Carter:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jason_b_carter
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JasonCarter.actor/?pnref=story

Where to find Babylon 5 to watch:
the Series DVDs at Netflix: http://dvd.netflix.com/Movie/Babylon-5/70142338
the Movies DVDs t Netflix: http://dvd.netflix.com/Search?oq=&ac_posn=&search_submit=&v1=babylon+5+movies
Crusade: http://dvd.netflix.com/Movie/Crusade-The-Complete-Series/70018048?strkid=1224669190_0_0&strackid=3e7a83708046a622_0_srl&trkid=222336

Amazon Video

Where to buy:
Amazon has some good prices usually on used ones and also they run good sales now and again.

Fiction links:
Archive of Our Own
Fanfiction . net.

The Audio Guide to Babylon 5
Jumpgate: The Babylon 5 Rewatch Podcast


---- If you have more to add to this post, please comment and I’ll add it! ----
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I split today's entry into two posts, fearful LJ would choke on it. :)

Part One from Monday is here. It examines The Fool, and the first 11 cards of the Major Arcana.

Part Two goes into some background on the meaning of the suits, and on Londo's cards in 'The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari.'

Part Three finishes the Major Arcana.

All posts are image-heavy. Credits for text not mine is in Part One. Credits for pictures are alongside or below the picture. Uncredited pictures are from Wikipedia, and are of the Rider-Waite tarot deck. Spoilers for all five seasons of Babylon Five.

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This is a long essay, with loads of pictures, broken into two parts to save my sanity. The second part will be posted Wednesday, 8/10/11.

Spoilers for everything, and I've hit all the major characters and several minor ones. Rated G for Godthat'salottameta.

The B5 Tarot.
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Back in 1999, I spent most of the year gathering my favorite quotes and photos from B5 episodes and creating a page-a-day calendar. Each "day" had the Month and Date and Day, but no year ... well it turns out that 2010 will have the same days and dates as 1999, so I decided to recycle my calendar for the (hopefully) enjoyment of the B5 Love community, hoping that it will be new to many of you.

Addendum  [personal profile] ladyhelen tried to help by suggesting DropSend, but as many of you know, it didn't work.

[info]curwinus came to the rescue and let me send the zip file to him. He posted the URL for downloading in his comment below (but you can click here). As he notes, some files were missing; I sent him *another* zip file with the missing JPGs.

Now, I have to re-create pages for the last 3 pages in September, and then I can put those and pages for the rest of the year in another zip file.
Finally, since the end of the year only takes me through "Intersections in Real Time," I have additional pages for the following January.
I don't know why things were so discombobulated, but hopefully people will like them any way.

Here is an example of one of the pages:


Instructions here ... )Apologies ... )
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Tonight, in lieu of my getting any inspiration for an original fanwork whatsoever, I shall dig up my copy of "The Inedible Lightness of Being: Failed Humano-Centauri Recipes of the Latter 22nd Century" and provide you all with a brief excerpt.


In 2160, it occured to the rather harried chefs of The Blue Truffle that the difficulty in properly preparing cultured spoo might be neatly side-stepped by finding a way to present the much disdained fresh spoo in such a way as to entice Centauri customers. Taking a cue from the Japanese evolution of nigiri sushi, which began as a way of using rice and salt to preserve fish, and ended with the entirely edible bite-sized fresh fish on vinegared rice we know today, they decided to try a fresh spoo sushi. The early stages of development were fraught with problems. First, fresh spoo is filled with benign microorganisms that secrete large amounts of enzymes. When slices of it were simply placed upon rice, both spoo and rice would dissolve and combine into a bluish-grey, lumpy goo. When sheets of nori were used to separate the rice and the spoo, a chemical reaction between the spoo and the naturally occuring msg in the nori set the miniature treats on fire. Finally, it was discovered that a thick layer of wasabi on top of the rice not only kept unwanted side effects at bay until the sushi was safely inside the digestive tract, but it tended to counteract the aggressive blandness of the ubiquitous soft blue meat. With large amounts of brevari, the snack was almost palatable, and its novelty made it enough of a hit that an enterprising young Centauri merchant decided to bring a shipment of the spooshi back to Centauri Prime. The spooshi was already loaded when the freighter captain decided to save some money on fuel by freeze-drying all of it. Toxic gasses soon flooded the air reclaimation system, and all hands were lost.

Humanity has never tried serving fresh spoo to the Centauri since.


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