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I own the website Of elves and Men, and even though we began as a Tolkien fanfiction site, we are now multi-fandom and once a year, I host a Big Bang. This Big Bang has two options: a 20,000 word Big Bang or a 10,000 word Mini Bang.

Babylon 5 and related fandoms are part of our fandoms and I wanted to invite any of you writers out there to participate if you wish to do so.
You can find the info here: OR

If you have any questions, I’d be glad to answer them for you.

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This is the signup post for the February 2017 Babylon 5 Love month. Signups will be open as long as there are empty spots. I will try to send reminders out to all who sign up in late January. They will be sent via LJ message unless you give me a different contact.

Here are the rules.
You may sign up for as many as you like. More than one entry by multiple posters can be made in one day. The more the merrier! You can never have too much Babylon 5 LOVE!

1. [ profile] alexcat
2. [ profile] alexcat
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Jerry Doyle apparently died in his Las Vegas home yesterday of unknown causes. Foul play is not suspected and an autopsy is being done. Mr. Doyles was 60.

I am speechless. MY husband turned 60 yesterday.

Here is a little best Garibaldi from YouTube:

Here is a post from JMS:
Jul 28, 2016

When it came to politics, Jerry Doyle and I disagreed on, well, pretty much everything. Politically, Jerry was just to the right of Attila the Hun. There is a line in Babylon 5 where his character, Michael Garibaldi, suggests that the way to deal with crime is to go from electric chairs to electric bleachers. That line is quintessential Jerry Doyle. I say this with confidence because I overheard him saying it at lunch then stole it for the show.
Despite our differences, when Jerry ran for congress as a Republican not long after Babylon 5 ended, I donated to his campaign. Not because I agreed with him, but because I respected him; because there was one area in which we agreed: the vital intersection between the arts of acting and storytelling. In that respect, Jerry was a consummate professional. Regardless of whatever was going on in his life, whether it was marital issues, a broken arm, forced couch-surfing with Bruce and Andreas or other problems, he never once pulled a prima donna on us; he showed up every day on time, knew his lines, and insisted that the guest cast live up to the standards of the main cast, to the point of roughing up one guest star who showed up not knowing his lines. Trust me when I say that after Jerry got done with him, every day he showed up, he knew his lines. And then some.
He was funny, and dangerous, and loyal, and a prankster, and a pain in the ass; he was gentle and cynical and hardened and insightful and sometimes as dense as a picket fence...and his passing is a profound loss to everyone who knew him, especially those of us who fought beside him in the trenches of Babylon 5. It is another loss in a string of losses that I cannot understand. Of the main cast, we have lost Richard Biggs, Michael O'Hare, Andreas Katsulas, Jeff Conaway, and now Jerry Doyle, and I'm goddamned tired of it.
So dear sweet universe, if you are paying attention in the vastness of interstellar space, take a moment from plotting the trajectory of comets and designing new DNA in farflung cosmos, and spare a thought for those who you have plucked so untimely from our ranks...and knock it off for a while.
Because this isn't fair.
And Jerry Doyle would be the first person to tell you that. Right before he put a fist in your face. Which is what I imagine he's doing right now, on the other side of the veil.
J. Michael Straczynski
Executive Producer
Babylon 5

God speed, Mr. Garibaldi!
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sorry it has taken me forever to post this, but here it is:

Here is a listing of everything from Babylon 5 Love Month
Day 1 – A list of Babylon 5 Resources by [ profile] alexcat
Day 2 - Three Little Drabbles by [ profile] alexcat
Day 3 - Babylon 5 Chalkboard Cross-Stitch Pattern by [ profile] kungfuwaynewho
Day 4 – My 10 Favorite Quotes by [ profile] alexcat
Day 5 – Collection of Babylon Tumblr Graphics by [ profile] jacquelee
Day 6 – 4 Drabbles by [ profile] alexcat
Day 7 – Fiction: Little boy Lost by [ profile] alexcat
Day 8 – Remember Jane? – Two icons, one banner and a fic by [ profile] jacquelee
Day 9 – Drabble: Remembrance by [ profile] alexcat
Day 10 - Sheridan’s Secret by [ profile] alexcat
Day 11 – Art: Susan Ivanova by [ profile] shadowycat
Day 12 – Fic: Be Still by [ profile] vjs2259
Day 13 – Drabble: Inside Bester by [ profile] alexcat
Day 14 – Fic: Field of Stars by [ profile] vjs2259
Day 15 – Drabble: Ranger One by [ profile] alexcat
Day 16 – Drabble: Home by [ profile] alexcat
Day 17 – Fic: never inconvenienced by the sun by [ profile] muccamukk
Day 18 – Drabble: Forgiven by [ profile] alexcat
Day 19 – Drabble: Sailing into the West by [ profile] alexcat
Day 20 – Fic: In Dreams by [ profile] ruuger
Day 21 – A Little Marcus by[ profile] alexcat
Day 22 – Fic: Metamophoses, Chapter 9 by [ profile] kungfuwaynewho
Day 23 – Vid: Just A Kiss by [ profile] jedi_of_urth
Day 24 - Sleeping in Light pictures by [ profile] alexcat
Day 25 - Fic: The perfect Date by [ profile] alexcat
Day 26 – Art: Adira Tyree and Fanmix: “The Song of the Stones” by [ profile] natoth
Day 27 - 24 Icons by [ profile] ghanimasun.
Day 28 – Babylon 5 Quizzes by [ profile] jacquelee.
Day 29 – Mini Graphics Post by [ profile] kungfuwaynewho.
Please check them all out and leave a little Babylon Love for the folks who took part!
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Babylon 5 Love month starts tomorrow! You can still sign up anytime this month. If we happen to get more than one on a daym that works too!

Go here:

We have lots of days left so come one over. You also may use old fic and works that we may not have seen before if you'd like!

Sign ups

Sep. 18th, 2015 08:09 am
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This is the signup post for the February 2016 Babylon 5 Love month. Signups will be open as long as there are empty spots. I will try to send reminders out to all who sign up in late January. They will be sent via LJ message unless you give me a different contact.

Here are the rules.
You may sign up for as many as you like. More than one entry by multiple posters can be made in one day.

1 - [ profile] alexcat
2 - [ profile] alexcat
3 - [ profile] kungfuwaynewho
4 - [ profile] alexcat
6 - [ profile] alexcat
7 - [ profile] northeto
8 - [ profile] jacquelee
9 - [ profile] alexcat
10 - [ profile] alexcat
11 - [ profile] shadowycat
12 - [ profile] vjs2259
13 - [ profile] alexcat
14 - [ profile] vjs2259
17 - [ profile] muccamukk
20 - [ profile] ruuger
21 - [ profile] seldonp38
22 - [ profile] kungfuwaynewho
23 - [ profile] jedi_of_urth
24 - [ profile] alexcat
26 - [ profile] natoth
27 - [ profile] ghanimasun
28 - [ profile] jacquelee
29 - [ profile] eerian_sadow
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Hello again everyone,

From the comments, it would seem that February might be the best month for love after all. Most everyone wanted to go after Christmas and I thought since it’s all about our love for Babylon 5, why not make this a February thing?

It’s already about love AND it’s a short month as well so we can do the full 28 days.

I am going to make a signup post and maybe a banner for sharing at other communities and sites!

I’m looking forward to some B5 fun!

Spread the word!



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