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It's still the 24th, right? Yes. Good.

I was going to write fic for this originally, but then Life happened and also I couldn't think of aaaaanything good to write about, so I'm cheating a little bit.

First, I made ten random icons. The three below, and the rest are here.

And as the second part (and this is where the cheating comes in), I want to link you to my scifibigbang that has kept me busy these past few months and that just went live yesterday, so maybe you haven't read it yet. And as a bonus you even get the gorgeous art my artist made for it! Win/win, right?

Title: What Is Past
Author: [ profile] cartography
Artist: [ profile] gryphon2k
Characters/Pairing: John, Delenn, Anna; John/Delenn, John/Anna
Rating: PG-13
Summary: What if Anna hadn't been a Shadow agent? AU for the S3 finale.
Warnings: No warnings; spoilers up to Z'ha'dum and one very vague one for Racing Mars.

what is past | art/art

B5 Tweets!

Aug. 3rd, 2013 06:56 pm
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Title: B5 Tweets!
Author: [ profile] vjs2259
Description: What it says on the tin.
Pairings: John/Delenn, Jeff/Catherine, Marcus/fantasy!Susan, a hint of Londo/G'Kar, a smidgeon of Susan/Delenn, and many, many friendships
Rating: PG for innuendo? Not really, more of a hard G :)
Beta: [ profile] nenya_kanadka. Thanks much for the Tweet Tutorial!

There's a bit of a story in there, probably a Season of No Shadows tale, but mostly just vignettes. Hard to say if there are spoilers since it's a bit AU-ish, especially the last bit. For the whole show, we'll say, just to be safe.
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Title: A New Path
Author: northeto
Rating: PG
Characters/Parings: Zack Allen, unrequited Zack/Garibaldi
Spoilers/Warnings: Through 5x07 “Secrets of the Soul”
Disclaimer: JMS owns all. This is a fanwork for love of the characters and not for profit.

Summary: Zack Allen has learned where to draw the line.

Link: A New Path

(May I have a contributor tag please?)
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I bring more pornography. And some less pornography.

Title: Breathing Anew
Author: Aris Merquoni
Rating: PG-13 for some adult concepts of thinkyness.
Persons: Lyta Alexander
Wordcount: 520
Warnings: None as far as I know.
Spoilers: Spoils some of 3x04, "Passing Through Gethsemane".
Disclaimer: I call Fair Use by name and it answers. I seek no profit.
Summary: Lyta regards the changes she's gone through.

Title: Delay
Author: Aris Merquoni
Rating: R to NC-17 for appropriate touching
Persons: Marcus Cole. With a guest appearance by Lennier.
Wordcount: 510
Warnings: None.
Spoilers: Spoils a certain conversation in 4x03, "The Summoning".
Disclaimer: I call Fair Use by name and it answers. I seek no profit.
Summary: Marcus ponders the virtue of delayed satisfaction.

Title: Willing to Sweat For It
Author: Aris Merquoni
Rating: NC-17 for pornographic imagery
Pairing: Zack Allan/David Corwin
Wordcount: 730
Warnings: Not at this point.
Spoilers: Set sometime in or after Season 5 but no specific spoilers.
Disclaimer: I call Fair Use by name and it answers. I seek no profit.
Summary: By popular demand, the sequel to Looking Down is Hard to Do. Zack also has a weirdest place on the station he's masturbated, and he's willing to share.

I hope you enjoy!
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And now, before breakfast: I bring pornography.

Title: Looking Down is Hard to Do
Author: Aris Merquoni
Rating: E for explicit sexual material, NC-17 for no children under 17 admitted in the United States, S for sexytimes.
Pairing: Zack Allan/David Corwin
Wordcount: 850
Warnings: Some people might consider the amount of alcohol intoxication experienced by the characters as a consent issue, but it's not considered so in the story.
Spoilers: None! In my head it's set somewhere after Season 5, but there's nothing telling.
Disclaimer: I call Fair Use by name and it answers. I seek no profit.
Summary: David and Zack find an out-of-the-way location to fool around.

Written for kink_bingo 2010 for my "Suspension" square. I bring rare pairing! Another thing about this fandom that I love is just how many people it's possible to write about.

Looking Down is Hard to Do at the Archive of Our Own.


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