Sep. 8th, 2008

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the third annual Babylon 5 Love Month. After a bit of shuffling, the Love Month will be starting today and continue all the way to October 7th, with hopefully something Babylon 5 related posted every day.

There are still few unclaimed days, so it's not too late to sign up yet, or pick up an additional day if you're so inclined.

I hope everyone has fun here the next month watching, reading, and admiring the creations our contributors will be sharing with us on their selected days. And don't forget to leave feedback to the writers and artists if you liked their work.
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Hello, old friends! I hope, I'm not late with the posting. And, as I promised earlier, I spread here some of my recent creativity. This selection of drawings is devoted basically to certain Narns who were (and are) my favourite heroes in the show. But I hope to draw the portrait gallery of all heroes В5 in due course.

G'Kar by ~natoth on deviantART
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