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Name:Babylon 5 Love Month
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:An annual month-long celebration of the television series Babylon 5
babylon5_love is a month long celebration of all things Babylon 5. The idea for the community was borrowed from the Buffyverse community summer_of_spike and the many other seasonal communities that have followed it. The Love Month participants are all assigned a day when they post something revolving around Babylon 5, be it fic, graphics, icons, vids, podfic, essays, or pretty much anything. You can also just friend the community to follow the month and enjoy other people's posts.


1. Please post only on the day you were assigned. If for some reason you cannot post on your day, contact the mods and they can either post in your behalf (if you have finished your contribution and are just unable to post it) or find someone to fill in for you.

2. Please title your post accordingly in the subject line of the post:

Essay/Icons/Art/Podfic/Fanfic/etc: Title of contribution
For example:
Fic: The Very Long Night of Na'Grath (PG, Na'Grath/Kosh)
Icons: 50 Keffer icons
Art: Byron wallpaper and friends-only banners
Essay: The symbolism of Sebastian's cane in "Comes the Inquisitor" (spoilers for all seasons)

3. All artwork larger than three icons, and fanfiction/essays longer than 100 words must be put under an lj-cut. If you don't know how, please read the Livejournal FAQ. All adult (NC-17/18+) material must also be lj-cut with appropriate warnings above the cut.

4. Contributions based on Babylon 5, Crusade, Legend of the Rangers, Lost Tales, and the tie-in novels/comics are all allowed. It is recommended, though not required, that you warn for major spoilers (use your common sense - for example, if you're posting Crusade fic, there is no need to warn for B5 spoilers).

5. If posting fic, please use the following header.

6. Your contribution must be original. Please no rec lists or anything else previously posted.

7. Please tag you entries - this makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for.

Following tags have been set for the community: artwork, fanfiction, graphics, podfic, fanvid, essay, icons, misc

Feel free to also tag your entries by character.

8. Let people know if you've enjoy their contributions. Feedback keeps the fandom alive.

9. Be nice. No flaming, no bashing of characters/seasons/pairings. We're here to spread the love.


universe_today - Weekly Babylon 5 newsletter
xf_is_love - X-Files Love Month

Our gorgeous community header made by the very talented asherific.

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